Anesthesia without losing the control of organs

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Anesthesia without losing the control of organs

Post by manu » Wed Jan 27, 2016 10:52 pm

It suggests a promising way for reducing suffering if we could create a system (with nanotechnology?) to enable and disable an anesthesia that works without losing consciousness nor the control of organs ... t-car.html

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Re: Anesthesia without losing the control of organs

Post by Tena5742 » Mon Mar 07, 2016 5:10 am

Through the years, a multitude of drug combinations and protocols for hypotensive anesthesia have been suggested and compared. The two main strategies for achieving hypotensive anesthesia are (a) deep anesthesia and heavy analgesia and (b) standard anesthesia and administration of hypotensive drugs. By deepening the anesthetic plane and using high doses of analgesics, such as opioids, the recovery time may be prolonged. On the other hand, administering a hypotensive agent to a patient who is anesthetized using a standard anesthetic protocol may result in postoperative hypotension. In practice, the two strategies are used to achieve controlled hypotensive anesthesia. In the next section, we will discuss some of the anesthetic agents, analgesics, hypotensive drugs, and nonpharmacological methods that have been used for achieving hypotensive anesthesia.

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